Build your website from scratch

How I build this site from 0 to 1

Posted by Enovace on December 8, 2023

Why a website?

Setting up a website, promoting it hard, and with users growing, it’s a money tree that blossoms and makes you money every month of the year.

  1. As long as the search engine can constantly bring new users, there’ll always be a part of the user to remember the URL or add the URL to the bookmarks bar or save it elsewhere, to be able to visit the second time, so that the new user becomes an old user;

  2. Google’s home page has 10 slots, although some people have occupied the first place, doesn’t mean that we can do nothing in this demand. The winner usually doesn’t eat all, we are in the back a few names also doesn’t matter, we can also get some traffic;

  3. Build a site is like planting trees, first plant the first tree, and then the second tree, slowly you have a small orchard, the harvest will be more and more better;

  4. As many as possible a few different varieties of fruit trees, which can make the year-round fruit to eat, but also to prevent “pests” leading to the death of the same kind of fruit trees;

  5. The site can be build into a lifelong career, as long as the carbon-based life still exists, there will still be demand for the site, we can still rely on the site to make money;

  6. Raising children to prevent old age is not as good as raising a website to prevent old age.

I. Preparation

Obviously you need to get a domain for your own, so that we can keep the story going.

  1. Think what you want to do/achieve with your website;

    For me, is to find a place to post my blog and earn an income outside my salary by the way.

  2. Pick an impressive domain;

    I coined “enovace”, which is mean explore innovate to ace, I love it and I think it can be remembered by people easily.

  3. Buy a domain, remember that .com is the best;

    I bought via cloudflare, only cost me less than $10 a year!

  4. Creat your pages using cloudflare

    There’s a “workers & pages” label lying in the sidebar left of your cloudflare home page.

  5. Linked your page to a code hosting platform

    For me, it’s GitHub, if you don’t have an account, go and register one. If you are a geek who want build a website, then you can find lots of fun there, trust me.

II. Coding

To build a website, you have to learn some programming skills, wouldn’t you agree?

I use Jekyll to build enovace, which is beginner friendly I think :)

You can check my past article to learn How Jekyll works

Let’s start it now!

To be countinue……


III. Enhance your website looks like and your technique

  1. Tracking the mouse and light the background, and the animation of auto-type words, here’s the idea from;
  2. Make your right side catalogue presentation smoothly, here’s the idea from;
  3. Randomly change your home page’s background using API;
  4. Using multiple API
  5. Animate the words on your homepage, here’s the exapmle and this ; 6.

To be countinue……