3 best types of title for better SEO

Posted by Enovace on December 4, 2023

1. List

The formula is:X (best/awesome) Y for/to Z

Such as:

  • 7 best practices to keep in mind for your next sales call
  • 21 awesome business podcasts you should be listening to
  • 4 ways to find low difficulty keywords for your next blog post on a budget

2. Compare

The formula is: A vs B for X

Such as:

  • Asana vs. Jira: Which is better for your Fintech business?
  • Webflow - The best Wordpress Alternative to fast moving startups
  • 5 alternatives to Mailchimp in 2023 (free and paid)

3. Popularize

The formula is:Concept: X is/will bring/using Y

Such as:

  • Collaborative Learning: What is it & Why should every high performing classroom adopt it
  • Build in Public: How Indie Hackers are using it to build 6-figure businesses